Our Team

Welcome to Web Seller where talent, passion, and innovation converge to drive excellence in software development. Get acquainted with the extraordinary individuals who form the backbone of our company, each contributing their unique skills and expertise to propel us forward.

Our Great Team

Jitendra Patel
MERN Stack Developer

Our work includes writing unit tests, integration tests, and end-to-end tests to ensure code quality and application reliability.

Shailendra Singh
QA Managers

Our role is to ensure that software products meet the highest standards of quality and reliability before they are released customers.

Gajendra Panwar

Our role focuses on automating and optimizing processes, collaborating across teams, and increasing the overall efficiency and reliability of software delivery pipelines.

Sandeep Jadav
Sr. React JS Developer

Our roles are vital in building modern web applications with interactive user interfaces. Our work includes React.js and frontend development

Priyanshi Patel
Full-Stack Developer

Our work involves creating project timelines and allocating resources effectively to meet project deadlines.

Ankit Panwar
Social Marketing Manager

Our role involves promoting a brand, product or service on various social media platforms and building a strong brand presence on social media platforms.